Extend Your Home With a Home Extension

Home extensions is a term that covers the broadest category of home improvements and can be the ideal way of creating your dream home without moving.

There may seem to be almost limitless styles, shapes and sizes to choose from but, due to numerous and ever-changing regulations, the stunning extension that your neighbour has just finished building may not be allowed to be added to your own home.

House before an extensionhouse after an extension
Extending over an existing garage to create a new bedroom and bathroom.

In this section of our site we will examine every aspect of extending a home. We look at the best way to design the layout to get the most out of the space provided and what to expect at the building stage.

House before an extensionhouse after an extension
A dramatic transformation that provides 4 new bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

We have attempted to include all the information you are likely to need but, if you can not find particular details you require, try the Ask Our Experts facility.

In all the sections of our site, we provide useful factsheets which are interactive and contain links to find out further information about the subject.

my home my gardenHow can we help?

myhome mygarden offers a full selection of services to the home owner looking to extend their home including an architectural service and a comprehensive project management service (see Project Services for more information).

Many of our customers start the extension process with our Feasibility Study  which is an excellent low cost way of finding out what the extending possibilities are at your home.

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