Garden Designs

This part of our site takes a thorough look at the main principles of garden design.

If you are considering a complete redesign of an existing garden or have a bare patch of land and are looking for ideas and inspiration, then let us help point you in the right direction. Whether it is a small or large garden design, it doesn't matter as each design is unique.

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a complete novice, the importance of getting it right at the design stage cannot be overstated. You will rarely carry out a complete redesign of your garden, so it is essential that proper consideration is given to your layout at the start in order to make the most of your plot and avoid disappointment. 

The pleasure that a well thought out garden can bring makes it worthwhile spending time getting it right at the design stage.

In order to help you to formulate a design, we have divided the subject into three main sections as below.

1. Pre-design

This section includes things that need to be considered before a detailed design is undertaken

2. Design and Planning

This covers the various elements of a garden design and provides you with the basis of a successful garden plan.

3. Garden Styles

In the final section, we provide information on many popular garden styles to help give you ideas and inspiration.

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gardenHow can we help?

At myhome mygarden, we have established a register of approved garden designers and we would always encourage the use of a professional to deal with the details of your design. For more information on this service, see our Garden Design Services section.