Thinking of Extending but Don't Know Where to Start?

As your needs change, it is quite likely that the perfect home you once fell in love with, no longer provides you with the space you require. 

However, it can be extremely difficult to find out how you can improve your existing property as you will need to consider planning and building regulations restrictions, costs, legal matters and more. 

Our Feasibility Study is the answer to this and is designed to provide you with all the information you require to help you decide if extending is right for you and will create the space you need. 

Here's what our customers say...

"My extension is nearly finished now - having been designed and built by MHMG, and I cannot recommend commissioning a feasibility study from them strongly enough.

My flat is an old Victorian conversion, full of irregularities, and the design was always going to be very tricky from both a planning and a logistical point of view, so seeing a vision all put down on paper, being a perfect combination of my ideas and MHMGs's ideas, taking into account all the practical constraints, all with a provisional costing (which is still more or less on the button) was not only useful, informative and extremely good value for money, it was also extremely exciting: it enabled me to think "yes, I can really do this!" for the very first time.

Before coming to MHMG I had tried two or three other architects, and none of them even came close - they just weren't receptive to my needs and priorities - whereas MHMG pretty much nailed it in one."

Mr H Dixon

Our Feasibility Study is the perfect solution...

Our Feasibility Study includes the following: 

Property Survey and Initial Meeting

We will carry out a full measured and photographic survey of your property and will have an initial meeting with you and agree the work needing to be completed and the space you require. 

Scaled Plans

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we will prepare initial scheme drawings (see samples to opposite) for your proposal. We will add suggested furniture arrangements to help demonstrate that the space created is sufficient to meet your needs.  

We use modeling software to create a 3D view of the building and will include an external 3D view of how the extension will look.  

Design Statement

We will include a written Design Statement which will provide you with a summary of why your proposal has been designed in the way we have presented it to you. We will summarise the planning and building regulations requirements for your proposal.

Budget Cost

We will provide a basis specification of the work and an initial budget cost using our own customized software.  

Project Timeframe

The feasibility study includes a summary of the anticipated timings for your project.

Feasibility Study Preparation/Fee

It normally takes 2 weeks to complete the Feasibility Study from the survey
date and, once completed, we will present the scheme to you at your home.

Our fee for carrying out the Feasibility Study is £475.00 + VAT (£570.00
including VAT) and this fee is due upon completion of the Feasibility Study.

To book a Feasibility Study survey, call us today on FREEPHONE 0800 3800 141
or complete our Customer Enquiry Form

Sample Feasibility Studies

Single Storey Extension


Two Storey Extension


Loft Conversion & Extension


You've Got to Have Vision...

Our designers have vast experience in the home improvement industry and know how to get the most out of the design. We use 3d software to help you to visualize the finished space.

3D Design