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Garden Design

At myhome mygarden we offer a range of garden design and landscaping services which are summarized below.

Initial Scheme Design

If you require some design ideas and an initial scheme, we would recommend this service. It includes the following:

1. Garden Survey and Meeting

The first part of this service will involve carrying out a full measured and photographic survey of your garden which will normally take about an hour to complete.

We will also have an initial meeting with you and agree the ‘Client Brief’ which is a summary of your objectives and what you would like your garden to include. We would recommend that you take a look at the Objectives section on our site prior to this meeting.

2. Scaled Plans

Once we have surveyed the property and obtained a clear understanding of your requirements, we will prepare initial scheme drawings.

3. Design Statement
The Design Statement will provide you with a summary of why your proposal has been designed in the way we have presented it to you.

4. Budget Cost

We will prepare an initial cost of the proposed works using our own customized software.  We would normally expect the figure given to you to be within 10% of the final project cost.

We will provide a basic specification of the work to identify what is included in the budget cost.

5. Project Timeframe

We will also include a summary of the anticipated timings for your project.

It normally takes 2-3 weeks to complete the Initial Scheme Design from the survey date and, once completed, we will either present the scheme to you at your home or post it to you by First Class Recorded Delivery.

Our fee for carrying out this service is  £475.00 + VAT (£570.00 including VAT) and 50% of this fee is payable prior to the survey, 50% upon completion of the scheme.

Detailed Scheme Design

This will generally follow on from the Initial Scheme Design service described above.

We will develop the preliminary ideas into a final design including a planting plan and specification for the work.

At the end of this process, you will be ready to obtain quotations for the work or to commence building yourself. We will, of course, be pleased to provide you with our own quotation (see below).

We will also provide a maintenance programme which will provide guidance on how to maintain your garden and keep it healthy.

The cost of this service varies depending on the size and complexity of the scheme – we would normally provide you with a fee quotation for the Detailed Scheme Design once the Initial Scheme Design has been prepared.

Garden Landscaping and Planting

We will be pleased to provide a quotation for the building and planting elements of your proposal.

The works are carried out by our approved landscape gardening contractors under our supervision. Our contractors are thoroughly vetted by us and will be pleased to provide references from previous customers if required.

Our quotation will be e-mailed (and posted if required) to you usually within 10-14 days of your property visit.

Once our quotation is agreed, we will prepare and issue a formal agreement for the work for your peace of mind. This will include the cost of the work and agreed start and completion dates. The agreement is between you and myhome mygarden, which ensures that we take complete responsibility for the work.

Our on line tracking service will enable you to log in and check the details of your project at any time. Our staff constantly update your job record ensuring that you are kept informed on a regular basis. Unless you would prefer paper copies, correspondence and updates will be sent by e-mail.

The work will be supervised and monitored by your project manager who will deal with any queries or issues as the work is carried out. For larger projects, we provide a comprehensive supervision service that includes weekly progress meetings, a photographic record and assistance in deciding on the details of the work such as lighting and finishes.  

Payment for the work will only be made when the work is completed. For larger projects, key stage payments will be set up but you will only pay for each stage as it is finished.

All work will carry our own 2 year warranty for your peace of mind.

Call us today on FREEPHONE 0800 3800 141 or e-mail us using our Customer Enquiry Form.